Benefits of Building a More Eco-Friendly House

Why Build Green?

When you build a home here in the Prescott area, one thing to consider is how eco-friendly the property will be. Building a more eco-friendly house is constructed with the concept of limiting negative impact and damage to the environment. Low-carbon heat and power will benefit the environment. You will save money on energy costs too!

Reasons to Build an Eco-Friendly Home

There are many reasons an eco-friendly home is the best way to go in today’s world. Here are a few:

  • Energy costs. One enormous benefit of building an eco-friendly home is that it will help you to reduce the costs of your utility bills. Energy costs are rising quickly, and we don’t expect them to ever decrease. An eco-friendly home is one way to help avoid the strain of paying energy costs. By combining ultra-efficient insulation with new approaches to self-power your home, energy costs go down. And if you generate more than you use and put power into the national grid, you can qualify for rebates, which helps these methods pay for themselves.


  • Carbon Impact. When building an eco-friendly home, products like our EF Block™ will provide durability and protection for the environment. Superior insulation helps reduce heat required by fires and boilers. Why not combine this with renewable energy sources like solar and wind to really make a positive contribution to the environment?


  • Quicker and less costly construction. By using EF Block™ as a building material, you will not only make your home friendlier to the environment but also reduce the construction time and cost. This is because the work to build your home will take less time. The materials are simple to put together because they are fabricated off-site and brought to the area ready to assemble. Damage to the surrounding area is substantially less than a new build with conventional materials.

Why Build Green?

Choose Your Own Style of Building a More Eco-Friendly Home

When choosing how to design and construct your new home, we will talk with you about different methods to consider. We can design it in any style you wish. You will get long-term savings on your energy bills while helping the environment in the future.

Find Out More About Sustainability 

It is important to work together to protect the environment for future generations here on planet Earth. We will talk with you about sustainability: minimizing the negative impact on the environment. We would love to discuss the options that suit you best. Call the specialists at Innovative Home Builders for a free consultation and estimate at 928-710-2211.