Which Green Building Blocks are the best?

Today there are three popular non-wood construction blocks. In fact, the most popular green building blocks are ICF Block, ICCF Block, and EF Block™. Furthermore, they are becoming more common among Prescott residential and commercial builders. ICF is the acronym for insulating concrete forms. ICCF stands for insulating composite concrete forms. EF Block™ is manufactured using recycled materials that would end up in landfills. Let’s consider some facts about all three.

ICF Block

Conventional insulating concrete forms (ICFs) are manufactured with a lightweight outer “sandwich.”  The outer material, in this case, is made of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS). Then, concrete is poured into EPS, providing both durability and insulation. Also, the concrete is made with oil products. In comparison, an excellent building material but people concerned about sustainable building and would choose to use natural materials will most likely not want to go this route.

ICCF = insulating composite concrete forms

ICF Block


A bit heavier than ICF blocks, insulating composite concrete forms (ICCF) are the most environmentally friendly. To clarify, the wall-form block ICCF is a composite product produced from recycled or reclaimed materials. They are used to build the outside of structures. ICCFs result in lower energy costs over the lifetime of homes and commercial buildings. The superior thermal performance of ICCFs is well-known by construction contractors.


EF Block™

The modern EF Block™ is a building block that is created using recycled products. EFB is constructed with a well-tested formula that surpasses all required strength and endurance standards. Fascia is applied to the exterior of the walls. Stucco can also be applied on the surface of the EF Block™. This recent technology delivers our client’s friendliness toward the environment and family safety.

Unsurpassed Insulation

Unlike ICF block, EF Block™ sections are stacked on top of each other with no need to mortar the seams. The blocks are easily cut and shaped into any type of design. When stacking, the builders insert steel rods (rebar) into the cores in a grid-work fashion. The bonus to homeowners is the unsurpassed insulation factor. EF Block™ also protects against fire, severe weather, and pest infestation.

Do You Want to Learn More About Sustainable Living?

 Sustainable living is a method of reducing environmental impact by making practical modification choices that counteract negative environmental impact. The philosophy focuses on lessening the damage to the environment and reducing climate change, human beings and the environment.

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