Green Building Materials: Revolutionizing Home Construction

Alternative Building Materials

ICF / ICCF Composite Building Blocks for Greener Living

“Green Building Materials” is how residential and commercial builders keep up with responsibility toward sustainable living. Here in the Prescott area, Innovative Home Builders is keeping one step ahead of the construction business. They are the forerunner using alternative building materials because of using ICF / ICCF composite building blocks.

What is “Sustainable Living”?

Sustainable living is a way of thinking that seeks to reduce environmental impact. We all can also make positive yet practical changes that neutralize negative environmental concerns, including climate change. This relatively new lifestyle namely promotes the minimization of using up the Earth’s resources.  Damage of interactions between human beings and the environment can clearly be reduced.

Alternative Green Building Materials are so Important

Property and building losses such as natural disasters are now costing us billions of dollars per year. This problem has therefore generated a new conversation in the building industry. A movement toward new building codes and a fresh approach toward building has in fact surfaced in many communities.

ICF / ICCF Composite Building

The acronym ICF stands for Insulated Concrete Form systems. Additionally, ICCF stands for Insulated Composite Concrete Form. Insulated composite concrete form building systems in short offers considerable advantages over conventional “stick framing” construction.

Not Exactly New

While recently gaining momentum in the industry, insulating concrete forms is not new. At the end of World War II, in Switzerland, construction blocks using fibers of treated wood bonded with cement were created. Then, through the 1950s, chemical companies utilized plastic foams. This technology as a result enabled a Canadian inventor to improve a foam block that resembles contemporary ICFs. Nations of Europe have also contributed to this overall work in progress.

EF Block

The Benefits of Insulated Concrete Forms

ICFs are strong and energy-efficient. They are absolutely genuine GREEN Building Materials — made up of 87% recycled and post-consumer Styrofoam. These alternative products are equally attractive to homeowners because they offer:

  • Cost savings from energy efficiency
  • Cost savings in labor and construction
  • Additional strength and integrity
  • Safety
  • Resistance to disaster
  • Resistance to mold, mildew, and insect damage
  • Improved sound blocking
  • Enhanced comfort

Our Preferred EF Block Product

Here at Innovative Home Builders, we favor EF Block by Earth Friendly Building Materials  Arizona’s #1 recycler. EFBM is the original manufacturer & distributor of Earth Friendly Block (EFBlock™) worldwide.

We choose ICCF Block over all other EF Block products. Among our reasons clearly are:

  • A superior fire rating to in contrast to other blocks
  • Heavier weight in order to provide more strength with limited bracing

Find Out More About Sustainable Living

We must work together to protect the environment for future generations here on planet Earth. We would love to discuss the many options for green building materials available in the Quad-Cities. Call the professionals at Innovative Home Builders for a free consultation and estimate at 928-710-2211 and visit our website at HERE.