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Earth-Friendly Construction with EF Block™

What Is EF Block™?

Earth-Friendly Block™ is a block designed and manufactured from recycled materials that would otherwise be transported to landfills. The environmentally friendly wall block is in fact constructed with a proven formula that exceeds all required standards for strength and durability. Once a building is erected, various styles of fascia can be employed to customize the appearance of the completed walls. Also, Stucco can be applied directly to the composite blocks. This Insulated Concrete Form [ICF/ICCF] technology provides our customers with construction that offers both the ultimate of family safety and friendliness toward the environment.


How does Earth-Friendly Block™ Work?

EF Block™ panels stack on top of each without the need to mortar seams. The panels are simple to cut and shape and fit just about any design. As they are stacked, steel rods [rebar] are inserted into the cores in a grid-work manner. The result is a building able to withstand fire, harsh weather, and the infestation of pests while providing unsurpassed insulation.



Budget-Minded Too!

Earth-Friendly Block™ technology for the most part, eliminates the need for costly insulation applications. EF Block™ is the only insulation you will need in your walls. These building products eliminate the need for tar paper and wire-mesh applications. This roughly amounts to a 35% savings on materials cost. Thus, they are not only state-of-the-art in modern buildings but also result in savings to you! The Earth-Friendly Block carries these benefits:

  • Shortens construction time
  • Shorter construction process
  • Decreases manpower and material costs
  • Great for our Earth and our future!

A Superior Product: Earth-Friendly Block

Earth-Friendly Block™ will not only save you money. Considered the best building technology to date and can boast:

  • Resistance to Fire — 4-hour fire-rated
  • Resistance to moisture, mold, and mildew
  • Thermal insulation equal to an R-40 insulated frame wall
  • Resistance against severe winds and storms (700% stronger than a 2X6 frame with a 1/2-inch shear wall)
  • Bug resistance (including termites!)

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