We at Innovative Home Builders, we are so thankful that we can enjoy our liberty and security in the land of the free! Here in beautiful Prescott, Arizona, we do not take our great nation for granted. We will express some of the reasons for our gratitude in this blog.

Freedom of Speech

Although censorship is on the rise in the U.S.A., Americans can freely speak our minds and stand up for the values we hold dear. In countries like North Korea, if you speak negatively about those in government, you and your family may suddenly “disappear.” Your destination would likely be a prison camp. In many parts of the world, people are even persecuted for their faith in God. Thanks to our First Amendment of the Constitution, American citizens can speak and worship without fear. It is hard to picture living in a nation in which you are punished for speaking what is in your heart and on your mind.


Families that live in Nigeria, Afganistan, Iraq, and many other countries, deal with violence and terrorism every day. In these places in the world, people live in constant fear. They never know if or when a bomb might be dropped on their homes. Children in other parts of the world struggle cannot even get a good night’s sleep because of the violence and chaos. While we have some crime, even here in the Quad-Cities, most of us can sleep at night trusting we will wake up the next day in a peaceful environment. This is truly something for which to be thankful.

Enjoying “The American Dream”

Americans can improve our personal circumstances, including our financial conditions. This is the American Dream. Even if we have been born into poverty, we can take advantage of great education institutions, work hard, and become successful in all we aspire to be. We enjoy the freedom of self-determination and are given the opportunity to excel.

Our Culture

The diversity that creates our culture country is vast. We are known as the land that invites immigrants to enter legally and aspire to citizenship. Every state and county of our nation includes people with ethnicity and religions. This feature makes our nation very unique. We embrace one another and learn from one another. Though we differ from each other in many ways, we all grow together in the liberty recognized by our founders.

Thanksgiving For Our Customers

We at Innovative Home Builders are exceedingly thankful for our customers. Without you, we would not be successful! Our priority is what you want your home to be. Call us for a free consultation and estimate at  928-710-2211.