Green Building Consulting

What is a green building consultant?  A green building consultant works with together with home or commercial building buyers to design and construct environmentally friendly buildings. Here in Prescott, many folks are becoming more concerned about how to use natural resources responsibly.

Our Free Green Building Consultation

We are responsible for ensuring that our building projects meet all environmental regulations. We also provide recommendations about how to reduce energy consumption and save a lot of money. In this article we will consider some topics we will be happy to discuss with you in a free consultation.


From the Ground Up: EF Block™

Green building consultants often recommend EF block.  Here’s why:

Let’s begin with the foundation. Why not use the perfect material to start constructing your eco-friendly building? First of all, EF Block™ is a created by using recycled materials. These blocks are ideal in that they exceed all requirements for durability and increase both family safety and sustainability.

EF Block Provides Both Strength and Insulation

By placing EF Block™ sections on top of one another, there is no need to mortar the seams. EF Block can be easily cut and shaped into just about any layout. Steel rods (rebar) are inserted into the cores in a grid-work pattern. The end result is insulation that is unsurpassed. In addition to sustainability, buildings constructed with EF Block™ withstand severe weather conditions, fire, and the invasion of pests!

Green Building

Solar is Often Part of a Green Building Construction Consultation

Solar power has become significantly improved and very popular in recent decades. The sun is one of the most efficient and effective renewable energy sources offered. After a pay-back period of just several years, the savings from a solar system are outstanding.

Green Building

Passive Cooling and Heating Greatly Increases Efficiency

Enjoy the sun in the winter and lessen its undesirable effects during the summer! The sun’s location, window locations and provisions for shade will be configured into the blueprints. We map the sun’s positions throughout the changing seasons.

Green Consultants Often have Creative Ideas for Rainwater Collection

Gathering rainwater for use in your home, garden, trees, or lawn is a great way to contribute to the well-being of the environment. Additionally, when you get your water bill, you will be surprised by how much you will save !

Go Green and Save!

We can help you build a home or commercial building reduces environmental impact. We can save you money on heating, cooling, water, and lighting when you go green! Learn more by calling us at Innovative Home Builders. We will provide a free consultation and estimate. Our phone number is 928-710-2211.