As thoughtfulness about the environment rises, more companies are opting to build sustainable commercial buildings. Sustainability means leaving little or no negative impact on the environment. In helping to reduce their carbon footprint, businesses in Prescott are discovering they are able to manufacture their products and conduct their commerce in sustainable ways. There are some steps every company can take when constructing a new commercial building.


From the Bottom Up: EF Block™

EF Block™ is a block that is created by using recycled products. It the ideal material sustainable commercial buildings. These blocks exceed all requirements for durability and strength and offer family safety as well as sustainability. EF Block™ sections are place on top of one another with no necessity to mortar the seams. They are cut and shaped for just about any variety of design. Builders insert steel rods (rebar) in a grid-work manner into the cores. This results in unsurpassed insulation. In addition to sustainability, EF Block™ also results in a commercial building that withstands the invasion of pests, harsh weather conditions, and fire.

Sustainable Commercial Buildings - Solar

Solar Power

Solar power is one of the finest and most efficient renewable energy sources available. The pay-back period on a solar power system is usually a few years, after which the savings are outstanding. Solar energy is earth-friendly and these systems going up today make a very positive impact on the future.

Sustainable Commercial Buildings - Passive Heat

Passive Heating and Cooling

You have likely heard people talk about passive homes. The same principle can be applied to the construction of commercial buildings. Passive buildings employ the sun in the winter but minimize its effects during the summer. Building according to the sun’s location, window locations and overhangs for shade are figured into the blueprints. This strategy works by charting the sun’s location during the changing seasons.

Sustainable Commercial Buildings - Rainwater Collection

Rainwater Collection

Catching rainwater is a great additional contribution to the environment. The less water you use from your utility company, the greater your savings, and less power will be extended for the water supply your company needs.


Let’s Work Together Towards a Sustainable Community!

We will help you design a sustainable commercial building that maximizes the reduction of environmental impact. With our ideas, you will also save money on heating, cooling, lighting, and water costs! To learn more, just call us at Innovative Home Builders. We offer a free consultation and estimate. Our phone number is 928-710-2211.