We hear and read a lot of information these days about high performance homes and smart home technologies. Here in the Prescott area, many homeowners are discovering how these two subjects are related and the benefits provided by both.

Smart Home

Smart Homes

Let’s begin at the most sensible starting point. Just what is a “smart home”? A smart home is a useful home setup in which and devices and appliances can be automatically and remotely controlled from anywhere, using an internet connection with a mobile phone or other device. Through the internet, a homeowner can remotely manage functions like security access to the home, lighting, temperature, and a home theater.

A Smart Home Adjustment to Fit Your Style

Smart home technology has achieved a level of self-learning skills by which appliances can learn the schedules of the homeowner’s family. Automatic adjustments are made and recalibrated as necessary. Lighting control enables homeowners to reduce the use of electricity. This can reduce the cost of electricity significantly. Some smart home systems alert the homeowner if motion is detected in the home when they are away. Others can be programmed to call the either the police or the fire department in an emergency.

Smart Homes have Benefits Galore

A smart home can offer many advantages to a property owner. Some of the benefits include:

  • Substantial savings in energy costs.
  • Reduction of carbon footprint.
  • Remote control of lighting room temperature, and appliances.
  • Remote reception of notifications and updates on issues in their homes.
  • Doorbells that allow homeowners to see and communicate with people who approach their doors even when they are away from home.

high Efficiency Home

What is a High-Performance Home?

There is an important outcome that is one of the goals of smart home technology: namely, a high-performance home. A high-performance home is a residential dwelling constructed to prioritize energy efficiency while enhancing comfort, health, and safety.

Net-Zero Living

There is a “win-win” for every high-performance home. A high-performance home will not only reduce your energy costs, but it be helpful to sustain our environment with “net-zero living.” Net-zero living is the nearest you can get to leaving behind a carbon footprint of zero. High-performance homes often achieve net-zero energy and reduce excessive water use. Heat pumps and HVAC systems will heat and cool the space precisely enough for its size: no more and no less.

Go Green and Save Money!

We can help you build a dream home that reduces environmental impact. We can save you money on heating, cooling, water, and lighting, as well as help the environment when you go green! Learn more by calling us at Innovative Home Builders. We will provide a free consultation and estimate.

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