High Performance Luxury Homes – Five Features Home Buyers Should Not Ignore

Are you on the way to fulfilling your dream of a luxury home? Here in Prescott, home buyers are becoming aware of the importance of investing in “High Performance” homes and enjoying the benefits they offer.

What is a High Performance Home?

Many buyers of site-built homes today are looking for a residence constructed to highlight energy efficiency while at the same time improving comfort, health, and safety conditions. This describes a high-performance home.

The Most Important Features of a High Performance Home

So, you are interested in a home that is luxurious, energy efficient, safe, and friendly to the environment. What features are most important? Here are five that you should not ignore.

EF Block™= using recycled materials

EF Block™

#1 – EF Block™

EF Block™ is a building block that is fashioned by using recycled products. It the perfect material to start building your gorgeous high-performance home. These blocks surpass all requirements for durability and strength. They will provide safety for your family as well as sustainability.  placed on top of one another, EF Block™ sections require no mortar in the seams. They can be cut and shaped for just about any assortment of design. Builders insert steel rods (rebar) in a grid-like fashion into the block cores. This outcome is unmatched insulation quality. In addition to sustainability, EF Block™ results in reduced energy bills and a home that is protected from harsh weather, fire, and the invasion of pests.

Air Tight Home

#2 – Airtight Construction

In conventional homes, there are usually air gaps in your roof and ceilings. These gaps can also be present near your windows. The air in these spaces can absorb contaminants from the walls, including everything from microorganisms to dust. This can promote the flow of unhealthy air. A high-performance home can solve this problem. Improved building techniques combine superior insulation with energy recovery ventilation (ERV) systems.

#3 – Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a great tool to your energy costs. With the best thermostats, you can program an entire week of temperature control all in a minute. That’s not only easier on you but your HVAC system too. Your longer-lasting, more efficient HVAC system will save you a lot of money while reducing the volume of carbon your home emits.

Solar Water Heating

#4 – Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating is the most energy-efficient component in the solar realm. Solar water heaters can work for you all the time since they convert sunlight to electricity and store that energy for use. This is one of the most important ways that a high-performance home will be of help to both your budget and the environment. Another benefit of a solar water heater is that it will still work for you anytime electric power goes out.

Natural Lighting

#5 – Natural Lighting

What should be a no-brainer is often not considered by prospective home buyers: The size and positioning of your windows can impact the quantity of energy you consume to light your home. The same applies to the energy used by your heating and cooling. We will show you windows that will help you see and feel better while saving on utility costs.


Go Green and Save a Bundle

High Performance Homes: Go Green and Save a Bundle!

We’ll help you build a luxury high-performance home that reduces environmental impact and will save you money on utilities every month. Learn more about going green and saving dollars by calling us at Innovative Home Builders. We will provide a free consultation and estimate. Our phone number is 928-710-2211.